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I have diverse experience.  I live at the intersection of “I’ve got an idea”  and “can do.”


I am a strategic creative executive who understands how a media brand interacts with audiences anywhere and anytime. Skills include: leveraging research and real-time data analytics to launching timely social media campaigns that grow audience engagement with an emotional connection.

I am generally a curious person, driven by new ideas and emerging technology. If I don’t know, I am driven to invest the time to learn and adapt.


I have a strong understanding of how to use research and data analytics to drive audience engagement and media buying on all platforms. I am data-focused, experienced with audience-based brand development and design, content creation and social media marketing, as well as an understanding of social listening and influencer marketing.

Simply put, data and analytics are essential and perhaps the starting point for nearly every project.


In this rapidly changing world, getting projects implemented in a timely manner for station revenue initiatives, on-air, and social media certainly are key factors to grow relevance and engagement. The “right place at the right time” strategy should always be a key driver in the creative process.

I also believe inspiring a creative, positive, supportive and encouraging work environment is how these successful campaigns emerge.


It is beyond time to “turn over a new leaf’ as the media business is in a constant state of flux. My skill set includes supervising the development and production of live event and series programming on a local and syndicated level. Creating original content that integrates sponsors and advertisers, developing integrated initiatives leveraging community based efforts as a revenue source, and project management of capital initiatives.




  • 2013 Regional Emmy The List promo

  • 2011 Promax / Station Summit Award Nominee

  • 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 ABC Television Network Alpha Awards

  • 2007 Scripps Leadership Institute (Scripps company wide program for select individuals)

  • 2006 Scripps “STEP” member / Scripps Television Employee Progression (advanced internal mentor program)

  • 2006 NAB Management Seminar Graduate / Northwestern University

  • 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Multiple Promax & Regional Emmy Awards

  • 2003 & 2004 Scripps President Award for Outstanding Service

  • ABC Marketing Affiliate Board Member District III 1996 to 1998 (elected)

  • Texas Associated Press Award 1997 for editorial / commentary (writer)

A True Story…

  • I've got an idea meets can do. You can't ask for a much more powerful combination. Jim brings a creative but also practical perspective to solving the problems facing his team. As a leader he hires good people, sets clear expectations, commits to the needed resources and follows up with recognition for good work.”

    ANDREW FINLAYSONSenior Vice President Digital Media Strategies - Mobile, Social Media, Streaming Video, SEO
  • "Jim is a man who continues to reinvent himself. Never afraid of hard work, he is the one who will conquer new innovation before other people really understand that it's on the horizon. He's exacting. Period."

    BONNIE BARCLAYVP of Marketing at FX Design Group (Bonnie managed Jim indirectly as VP of Marketing at Scripps Media)
  • "The Pablo Picasso of News Marketing. He will get your company into tip top shape and market the hell out of your clients, with proven results."

    SIMONA WONGArt Director / Project Management
  • “Jim has been a leader in our group introducing new techniques in marketing in a multiplatform world. During this process he has passed on his knowledge, sharing his successes and failures so that we may learn new techniques to make our outreach better.”

    MARIA MAGERCreative Project Management | Digital Marketing | Social Media Community Manager
  • “Terrific guy - who "gets it", ...senses the right people for the job, manages creatively, positively - gets the most from everyone - and we're all happy about it.”

    ALLEN MILFORD VANIKPromo & Image Voice
  • “I've had the pleasure of working for Jim, not once but twice. He is extremely creative and a great leader. Jim is passionate about what he does and passes that on to the people he works with. I hope I have the opportunity to work with him in the future.”

    MICHAEL LAFATAVideo / Multimedia Producer

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